We All Fashion Victims

Friday, 13 September 2013
Be honest, how often do you see people suddenly all start to wear the same thing? It happens to me all of the time, mainly because my bitchdar kicks in, and once it does, boy do I go into overdrive. As an example, I can be in a bar or a nightclub and something somebody is wearing will catch my eye. It usually isn't a big deal, but soon enough I'll notice something similar and before long I'm seeing patterns emerge that indicate a hot new look or trend.

We're not talking earth shattering new trends or designs here because let's face it, fashion these days, rarely throws up something completely radical or new.

Most new fashion can't actually claim to be new, in the never-been-seen-before sense of the word. I can't remember the last time I saw anything remotely cutting edge. No, if the truth be known, the fashions that hit the catwalks are probably the most daring and yet even those offerings, are mostly a rehash of an old theme.

It's a well known fact that the clothes that you and I buy, are direct copies from the last big name catwalk collection whose look and feel if not direct copy, has been whisked off to every rag trade factory around the globe. Those self same copies become the next variation of the styles we already have in our wardrobes, but because they are a new spin, we lap them up.

This is where my bitchdar comes in. You see every now and then, some of the so called hot new trends take an already flaky design and push them even further into the realms of awfulness and I just can't help myself. The problem is that plenty of people have absolutely no idea about body shape and what should or shouldn't be worn with each particular shape. Don't get me wrong, I'm no expert when it comes to fashion but you don't need to be a fashion guru to know when someone just shouldn't even attempt to wear a particular style.

Unfortunately all too many of us fall into the fashion victim category when it comes to shopping for clothes. We see a trend or pick up on a new style after scanning through some clothes catalogues or magazines and are blinded by the glamour or freshness of the next new big thing in fashion. Before you know it everyone, regardless of body shape, is wearing the same trend or theme, and to my knowledge there are few garments that can flatter every shape and size. I'd better be careful now, I can feel my bitchdar going into overdrive again.

The next time you see a new trend or style hit the store, either online or off, do yourself a favour and scan through those same clothes catalogues and check out their style helper, most of them have them and use them to identify your body shape. Having done that, go forth and buy that new style or fashion with confidence, or recognise that the hot new trend is not for your shape and that you're never going to look good in that style in a month of Sundays. Don't be scared to give something a miss, there'll be a whole queue of new styles right around the corner and they may be tailor made for you and your shape.


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